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scary facts about halloween

Just in Time for Halloween: Scary Facts About Stress

It’s that time of year again - time for jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, ghosts, goblins, and… stress....
Author : Optivio Team
Posted in Stress Management
attract top talent

How OPTIVIO Can Help Attract Top Talent During the Great Resignation

Top companies want top talent. But in this age of the ‘Great Resignation’ and record labor shortages, hiring...
Author : Optivio Team
Posted in Stress Management
Our Dynamic, Adaptable Mind: Can We Grow Through Stress?

Our Dynamic, Adaptable Mind: Can We Grow Through Stress?

New eBook explains how to adapt to stress, increase cognitive abilities and boost performance at work
Author : Optivio Team
Good stress, eustress

Is Stress Ever a Good Thing?

Stress is a common feature of life these days - whether it’s stress over an upcoming deadline or work...
Author : Optivio Team

Switch Off Work To Improve Health & Cognitive Performance

In an ideal world, we would be able to switch on our brains and focus whenever we need to, then switch off...
Author : James Hewitt

Which Stress Reduction Technique Is The Most Effective?

Many people feel swamped by multi-tasking, competing demands and time-pressure, compromising productivity and...
Author : James Hewitt

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Why resilience matters in management consulting

Why Resilience Matters in Management Consulting

Building a workforce of resilient employees is a hot topic today. The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19...
Author : Optivio Team July 13, 2021
Posted in Performance
exercise + cognitive function

6 Ways Exercise Can Improve Cognitive Function

Many of us know that exercise is an effective way to improve cognitive function, but the next obvious...
Author : James Hewitt October 4, 2021

What Can Be Done About Physician Burnout?

At the beginning of the pandemic, physicians and healthcare workers were lauded as heroes. Now, nearly two...
Author : Optivio Team March 7, 2022
Posted in Stress Management