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What Can Be Done About Physician Burnout?

At the beginning of the pandemic, physicians and healthcare workers were lauded as heroes. Now, nearly two...
Author : Optivio Team
Posted in Stress Management
reduce work stress

5 Ways to Reduce Work-Related Stress in 2022

The American Psychological Association’s recent Stress in America Survey found that work was cited as the...
Author : Optivio Team
Posted in Stress Management
alcohol + sleep

Partaking in Dry January? You’ll Sleep Much Better Without Alcohol

Many people are taking a break from alcohol this month and partaking in Dry January - a campaign that...
Author : Optivio Team
It's time to destigmatize stress in the workplace

It’s Time to Destigmatize Stress in the Workplace

Life today is stressful - and work plays a big part in that. With the added stress of the pandemic, the rate...
Author : Optivio Team
Posted in Stress Management
gratitude and stress

Giving Thanks: Gratitude Really Does Ease Stress and Here’s Why

Feeling more stressed these days about work, family, health, or finances? You’re not alone. Research shows...
Author : Optivio Team
Posted in Stress Management
The Great Resignation of 2021

The Great Resignation of 2021: How Resignations Impact Company Culture and What Employers Can Do

You’ve heard it on the news. Workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Last month, over 4 million...
Author : Optivio Team
Posted in Stress Management

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Why resilience matters in management consulting

Why Resilience Matters in Management Consulting

Building a workforce of resilient employees is a hot topic today. The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19...
Author : Optivio Team July 13, 2021
Posted in Performance
exercise + cognitive function

6 Ways Exercise Can Improve Cognitive Function

Many of us know that exercise is an effective way to improve cognitive function, but the next obvious...
Author : James Hewitt October 4, 2021

How To Make Improving Cognitive Performance A Walk In The Park

We are spending more time indoors than any generation before us. Some research suggests that we spend almost...
Author : James Hewitt June 3, 2021